Looking to learn some more Korean, but not happy with hitting the books? I was never interested in becoming friends with anyone that was Japanese that were not interested in speaking in Japanese with me. But then I guess that I am a bit special that way and maybe some people might think that it makes me into a bad person not being interested in mak… Read More

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is the upcoming installment of the acclaimed first-person shooter franchise developed by the renowned Ubisoft Montreal studio. The download of Rainbow 6 Siege is easily available via Uplay. I'm not some Ubisoft spy trying to make kids play this game or whatever. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is the upcoming installme… Read More

Her new memoir, Unwifeable, is the filthiest - and most moving - fairy tale you'll ever read. Mostly, though, she observed — eventually, those observations would become the fodder for this compulsively readable, breathtakingly honest memoir about behind-the-scenes White House dynamics, a destructive love affair with a senior staffer, and learning… Read More

荒野行動クラン”R.I.P”の公式YouTubeチャンネルです!RIPクランは決してプレイが上手な人いわゆる「ガチ勢」のクランでは無いです。強いて言うなら、「ガチのエンジョイ勢」です。メンバーで荒野行動をガチに、楽しみながらドン勝つを目指すという行動理… Read More