Beware of claims that brain training can improve your memory. Admittedly, it is an oversimplification of the immense complexity of our brain to imply that the left and right hemispheres are completely independent of one another, but this is a very helpful model when it comes to understanding optimal mental states for performance.Avocados - Avocados… Read More

Till 2016, women performers in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) were referred to as divas. Every Wednesday night, the service streams a show featuring up-and-coming performers from NXT, a developmental league run by Triple H. The WWE Network also hosts an hourlong broadcast of its cruiserweight division, called WWE 205 Live, as well as talk show… Read More

I am an angst whore. The greatest source of Thor's superpower is the hammer Mjolnir which, after his banishment, is only accessible to him if he proves himself worthy to receive it. After Thor has lived for some time as a mortal human, his arrogance begins to soften and he gradually acquires compassion and wisdom.Darkwing Duck parodies this a lot; … Read More

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Success is one thing most of us would like. But happiness is wanted by us, too.I think we go about these two important things the wrong way. With some simple changes, I believe anybody could become both successful and happy.The standard Success StoryA male, dissatisfied with the life of his, wishes to become successful, therefore, and, content.So h… Read More