Suction Cup

This was my very first dildo and I was (and still am) so impressed with it! You can also buy dildos with a curve specifically for G Spot stimulation. As it turned out, actually my vagina really likes realistic dildos. However, I do have a lot of experience with sex toys and the Bondara dildo didn't raise a single red flag. I have the NY Toy Collective Shilo and it has some accidental suction due to the shape of the base but it falls as soon as you touch it so it wouldn't be any good for actual use.

It's eight inches long and so realistic that my sex is instantly soaked, thinking about my man's cock. For anal penetration, it was comfortable and surprisingly realistic-feeling. It's especially awesome fun in the shower with the great suction cup action, and the smooth lengthy shaft makes it a good ride.

Other options include the Packer Gear silicone line, which I haven't tried; and the Maia Kendall and Maia Riley lines , which I strongly dislike because the silicone is extra firm and does not bend at all with my body (also, I didn't find the suction cup of my Maia Kendall that great; it was passable).

Using a suction cup dildo with a harness is a great way to double the fun with your partner. Suction cup base for hands-free play! You can attach it to a flat plastic, wooden or metal chair and ride on it, or have it attached to a vertical surface, such as the wall in your shower (the suction works particularly well on bathroom tiles).

I recommend picking up Pjur Analyse Me Comfort because of it specifically designed for anal play and is a water base which is toy friendly. The Bondara Crystal Clear Purple Jelly Suction Cup Dildo with Balls is relatively heavy due to the solid balls at the base.

Obviously, the Tantus suction cup attachment was created to fit into Tantus' own vibrating toys If you'd like the toy to have a softer exterior (for more comfort with faster thrusts), check out Tantus' dual-density vibrating toys: Duchess , Sam , and Alan ( review here ).

One tip is to buy a dildo that allows for some flexibility between the suction cup and the shaft, as this will allow for thrusting in multiple directions instead of only straight down. This is a sex toy made in the form of a phallus, with its shape, length, texture and sometimes color reminding of it. In this case, a dong is equipped with a suction cup on the end, which makes it possible to stick it to different surfaces.

Part of our goal at MasalaToys is to increase consumer awareness of sex toys in the world as a safe, clean and exciting way for adults of all genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations to enjoy and enhance their sex lives, whether they be single or part of a couple.

The Ergo Dual Density Platinum Silicone Dildo from Blush Novelties is another fantastic dildo with a medium price point. Because a suction cup dildo can be affixed to many different surfaces, they can be enjoyed in lots of different positions and anywhere in the house.

When I first heard about wall-mounted sex toys (aka dildos with a suction cup base that can stick to a wall), I was immediately confused. So while I was exchanging emails with the Tantus team about which of their products I wanted to review, I clearly had to pick the Rumble (a review coming up soon) and I definitely needed to ask for a dual density silicone toy, since I don't own one.

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